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User Friendly
Just about every type of application you might need for your daily computer tasks are ready loaded onto the KPC. Simply turn it on and start working. Internet, email, and instant messaging are just a click away. There’s a suite of office applications for word processing, presentations, spreadsheets, databases, and drawing diagrams. Enjoy your MP3s and video with the media player. Plus, there’s even a photo organizer that let’s you touch up images. This is as user friendly as it can get.

Ever wish your PC were more stylish? That it could match your home décor or go better with your company image? With the KPC, that’s all possible. It’s small and stylish with a twist of fun. Unique to the KPC is a front panel that works just like a photo frame. Simply replace the image or photo to change the look – all it takes is 3 steps to truly personalize your computer..
The KPC is optimized for simple day-to-day use, but it is not just limited to that. The USB ports and extensive list of industry standard ports allow for effortless expansion. Sync your mobile phone, play songs from your MP3 player, and even add Bluetooth. If your needs ever change, It is possible to pop in more memory (up to 2GB) or add another hard drive (up to 1.5TB).

KPC comes with a host of green features inside and out. The power efficient design saves energy (and money, too). At less than 55W in full use and just 33W in idle, that’s about 30W saved when compared to a typical computer. That’s because most computers are not optimized to be energy efficient. The compact cube design requires fewer materials to build, so even the form factor is gentler on the environment.

MyKover makes it fun. Add customized images and colorize your office work. Choose between minimalist white, mysterious black, gentle blue and sunshine ruby.
1-2-3 Steps
Just 1-minute, 2-clicks and 3-steps to change your mood easily! Create a stunning look by inserting your memorial photos behind the crystal panel or download panel images from Shuttle's website directly.


K4500 K4800
Computer Shopper - Editors’ Rating 8.0
Computer Shopper has given a 8.0 rating to the Shuttle K45. ”The KPC isn't the most full-featured PC, but it's designed for everyone—and has a price that will still allow you to make mortgage and tuition payments. ”
PCWorld Review 84.0
PCWorld has given a 84.0 rating to the Shuttle KPC K4500. ”This new Shuttle makes an excellent kiosk or office PC if you don't need an optical drive. ”

5.2008 C|Net Editors’ Rating - Very Good
”Almost as small as a Mac Mini; only costs $230; Foresight Linux operating system relatively easy to use; has potential as a home media server or general hack-around box. ”
Computer Shopper - Editors’ Rating 8.0
Computer Shopper has given a 8.0 rating to the Shuttle K4800. “If you're in the market for a solid secondary system for running basic tasks and surfing the Web, or if you're ready to take the Linux plunge, the K4800 is one of the best deals around”

10.2008 C|Net Editors’ Rating - Good
“Optical drive; faster audio transcoding performance than comparable Windows PC.”

Starting at $399
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Starting at $499
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OPERATING SYSTEM Foresight Linux Windows Vista Home Basic 32Bit
Windows Vista Home Premium 32Bit (Optional)
PROCESSOR Intel® Celeron® 450
Intel® Pentium® dual-core (Optional)
Intel® Pentium® dual-core
1GB ( Supports up to 2GB)
1GB ( Supports up to 2GB)
CHIPSET North Bridge: Intel 945GC
South Bridge: ICH7
GRAPHICS Intel® Graphics Media Accelerator 950
(1) VGA Output
(1) DVI Output
AUDIO 5.1 Channel High Definition Audio
INTERNET 10MB/s,100MB/s,1GB/s

Supports up to 2 Hard Drives
160GB SATA300 7200 rpm 8MB
250GB SATA300 7200 rpm 8MB (Optional)
500GB SATA300 7200 rpm 16MB (Optional)

22X22 DVD+-RW Dual Layer
COOLING Intel Stock Cooling
WIRELESS MODULE Internal 802.11B/G Wireless Lan (Optional)
BACK PANEL (1) PS/2 keyboard
(1) PS/2 Mouse
(1) Gigabit LAN port
(1) Serial port
(1) VGA Output
(1) D-sub port
(4) USB 2.0 ports
(1) Front out connector
(1) Rear Surround out connector
(1) Center / Bass connector
(1) Wireless port perforation

11.6(L)x7.3(W)x7.9(H) Inch

WARRANTY 1 Year Limited Hardware Warranty
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